Bean to Bar

Wednesday & Friday 9am to 7pm

This excursion begins with a beautiful sail to picturesque Soufriere on our leisure catamaran.
Chocolate lovers will appreciate Hotel Chocolat unique tour from concept from “Bean to Bar”.

Your experience begins with a tutorial on the production of cocoa, and ends with you making a chocolate bar using estate grown cocoa.

Indulge in a 3 course A La Carte gourmet lunch. Every item on the menu screams chocolate, be it sweet or savory incorporating the use of chocolate.

Head down to the Sulphur Springs and rejuvenate your being in a soothing therapeutic mineral bath, or get a guided tour learning the formation of the world’s only drive-in volcano.

Have a blast, enjoy a few cocktails, finger food, take photos of the stunning sunset with the Pitons in the back drop. Circle Marigot bay for photo opts before heading back to the docks.


Light Breakfast
Buffet Lunch
Hors d’ oeuvres
Chocolate Tour / Making
Nonalcoholic beverages & Alcoholic Beverages
Male & Female W/Cs
Snorkel Equiptment
Tour guides

Scenic coastlines
Chocolate heaven
Sulpher Springs/ Mudbath/Volcano Coral Garden / Protected Reef
Marigot Bay