Saturday 9am to 7pm

Customize and take charge of your very own tour. Explore hidden spots and sites of interest that appeals to your choice at your pace.
Sail down the west coast and take in the island’s beautiful scenery, by passing the fishing villages of Anse- La- Raye and Canaries before arriving in the town of Soufriere home to the world famous pitons.

Once in Soufriere; escape in your private vehicle with your chauffeur who is also your personal tour guide. Be adventurous by discovering your own secret treasure spots whether a Waterfall, Volcano, Therapeutic bath, Zip-line, upscale restaurant or a local bar.

You then join the Piton sunset cruise where you swim or snorkel at the base of the Pitons, famous bay where one of the series of the Bachelor was filmed.

Have a blast enjoy a few cocktails, finger food, take photos of the stunning sunset with the Pitons in the back drop. Circle Marigot bay for photo opts before heading back to the docks.

Light Breakfast
Hors d’ oeuvres
Nonalcoholic beverages & Alcoholic Beverages
Private taxi / driver
Male & Female W/Cs
Snorkel Equiptment

Scenic coastlines
Coral Garden
Marigot Bay